A House Divided

It was not the glorious Father's Day one hopes for their significant others. Far from it. Rather than being feted and adored by his child, he had to go into full dad mode and quite impressively do some serious parenting. Summer vacation is just around the corner, and his son has gotten a huge case … Continue reading A House Divided


Battle Lines

We circle one another, throwing daggers Some days I catch them by the blade, cutting my hands on the sharp edges I throw them back, smearing the blood on my face like war paint. Other days, I let them hit me simply to feel something other Than the cold look in your eyes. I have … Continue reading Battle Lines

The Point?

Has anything changed? Has life gotten better? Is this simply a slow death march of bipolar madness that is creeping up on me by the day and causing more and more chaos in my life? The short answer to these questions is: 1. Nothing has changed; 2. Life is no better (probably worse); and 3. … Continue reading The Point?


Yesterday I became mute. Exhausted from the constant battles in my brain and with others, I simply decided to once again become the voiceless, agreeable persona I was when I lived in my parent's house. When my father controlled our lives with his schedule and moods, as we all danced around delicately as to not … Continue reading Mute


I am once again reading Marya Hornbacher's┬áMadnes: A Bipolar Life. At times I feel this is my one saving grace - this book and the way she so eloquently writes about her battle with the disease. I find myself, these days, caught up in the torrent of bipolar madness, and I feel as if I … Continue reading Madness