The first snow storm of the season descended upon us at the end of our Thanksgiving break - giving many of us a snow day. As an adult, this does not happen often, and I was thrilled knowing my 4-day weekend had magically been extended by a day. We sat and watched as the weather … Continue reading Hibernation

Worth the Wait (or is it weight)?

I woke up this morning after another night in a house full of chaos. I sat with my coffee and stared at my computer screen, the familiar feeling of unrest jumping in my chest. Yesterday, last week, for the past year, life has been anything but peaceful. The control and order I had carefully created … Continue reading Worth the Wait (or is it weight)?


My body feels as though it is wrapped in electric wires, all going off at the same time, shocking my entire system. I feel as though any person I come across - stranger or intimate acquaintance - I immediately pick up the energy they are giving off and it adds more power to the wires … Continue reading Wired