Life changes in a heartbeat…

What started as a blog about losing my husband, as a way to write my story about it and move through the always present grief, has led me back to a place I love: writing. Sharing my stories. My story of him is a fairy-tale. But simmering underneath was the behemoth of my bipolar disease, and the chaos that ensued after his death, and continues to this day. With that I have found my writing to be an outlet for sharing the life of a person no longer content with the existence they live, and desperately looking for a change. I have been so fortunate to have found such a wonderful community since beginning this blog, and cannot thank all of you enough for your words of compassion and encouragement.

This is also a site to play with my writing, crafting words and making art. It is my journal, my thoughts, ideas, and creations. It is a balm that always heals.

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