It is Getting Harder by the Week

It's Monday. And we all know that insomnia was knocking on my house all weekend. I managed to get about 6 hours of sleep last night, but I made myself go to bed at a reasonable time so I could "try" to be useful today. Who knows if that will happen. I know I have … Continue reading It is Getting Harder by the Week



By now, most people have seen this hashtag, read the numerous stories from both women and men on experiencing sexual assault or harassment in their lifetimes. I, too, have numerous #metoo stories. The first one I remember is being wrestled to the living room floor by a much older family friend when I was 7 … Continue reading #metoo

Too Much

This insanity has to stop. Not in my head (there's enough in there already). In the world. In the last 24-hours we've seen the worst massacre in US history, destroying hundreds if not thousands of innocent lives - the victims as well as their friends and families. My head cannot comprehend what would make someone … Continue reading Too Much


If the hurricane we just weathered didn't knock us all on our asses, my first day back at work did. One would imagine that co-workers, supervisors, heads of the company would reach out to everyone and ask how they had fared, how they were doing, etc., etc., etc. But no. I spoke to 3 people … Continue reading Home