Yesterday I became mute. Exhausted from the constant battles in my brain and with others, I simply decided to once again become the voiceless, agreeable persona I was when I lived in my parent's house. When my father controlled our lives with his schedule and moods, as we all danced around delicately as to not … Continue reading Mute



I am once again reading Marya Hornbacher's┬áMadnes: A Bipolar Life. At times I feel this is my one saving grace - this book and the way she so eloquently writes about her battle with the disease. I find myself, these days, caught up in the torrent of bipolar madness, and I feel as if I … Continue reading Madness


Yesterday, on the cusp of Mental Health Awareness Month, I met with two of the board members of our local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) chapter. I had contacted them before I returned here from the Swamp, as I saw they needed a volunteer with my skill set (the skill set I developed over … Continue reading NAMI


Yesterday was tough. It's the weekend, my first back home, which means I am no longer alone during the 48 hours of freedom from work that I once had. It also means that there was very little quiet in this household, as both my partner and his son (both of whom I love tremendously) are … Continue reading Noise