The Waves Keep Crashing Down

I feel pulled in so many directions. And I don't think I can please or satisfy any of the demands being made on me at the moment. My partner wants to come see me tomorrow - of course I want to see him, but with my world shaking under my feet, I feel my mind … Continue reading The Waves Keep Crashing Down


Happy Freaking Birthday

Today is my father's birthday. If you have not discerned from these posts, I have very little love for him. I don't even know if I can call home. My mother was released from the hospital a few days ago, and sent home with the guarantee that there would be 24/7 care and the bed … Continue reading Happy Freaking Birthday


I understand, to a point, why people who have been in this industry for years (and have stayed at the same institution) do not want to embrace change. They throw on the emergency break whenever someone has an idea, and the usual comeback is "it's never been done that way". They are afraid. Of what? … Continue reading Why?